init Areas marked like this show where you'll meet enemies in fighting positions. 
arty  Areas marked like this show you where typical spots for the artillery are.
move This showas a movement of the green players. They are only passing through and mostly don't have good cover or time to stay and fight. They can be shot from the direction of the red triangle. 

Below you find tactics, explanations and information about all the maps. Just click on the images.

Abbey Arctic Region
Airfield Cliff
Dragon Ridge El Halluf
Ensk Erlenberg
Fishermans Bay Fjords
Highway Himmelsdorf
Karelia Komarin
Lakeville Live Oaks
Malinovka Mines
Mountain Pass Murowanka
Prokhorovka Province
Reshire Ruinberg
Sand River Seaport
Serene Coast Siegfried Line
South Coast Steppes
Swamp Westfield
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